Today in class we learned about creating and editing audio and video. I had never done this before and I was so surprised at how easy it is.

Video has so much to offer for education. Did you know that until they videotaped a horse running, they didn’t know if all the feet ever left the ground at the same time? Being able to slow down motion can help us learn so much about the world. Alternatively, stop motion photography can help us learn about things that move slowly – metamorphosis in butterflies, respiration in plants or seasonal changes in the environment.

We focussed on iMovie today. I’m a mac user so this is software I have access to at my finger tips.

Rich McCue, from the Digital Scholarship commons came back today and walked us through some tutorials he created. You can find them here, in this post on his blog.

I did two of his tutorials. After learning some of the basics, within a short period of time I made this movie (it’s kind of long and it was my first attempt ever).

After that I followed another the green screen functionality to make this one (I would say this one is much better)