For our educational psychology class one option for our final assignment was to create a concept map describing the connections between our seminar inquiry project and the topics we covered in class. In doing my research I had already started connecting these concepts together so this was a no-brainer for me.

Putting it together started to make me a little crazy though. Redrawing it several times was frustrating, because I wanted it to make sense and also not look like a complete hot mess. I did a bit of googling and found It’s definitely not perfect and could use a lot more user-friendliness but I got the job done and it worked out fairly well. It has some of the same rigidity that a lot of flow charts do in terms of limited linkages, and a directional organization structure that is better suited to flow charts than concept connections. It reshapes and resizes everything as you add more items, which is kind of good but mostly annoying. But it maintains linkages and is fairly easy to use without a tutorial. And you can publish to the web right from the website, so I thought I would share that here!